• Lea Gatinois


I had the pleasure to taste this wine from the Khaketi region in Georgia, thanks to my friend Lucas, an importer from Vades.

Artanuli Gvino, Saperavi 2018

Artanuli Gvino is a familial winery, managed by a former artist, Kahka Berishvili, and his daughter Ketevan. They are committed to organic farming, including biodynamic practices. They are part of the authentic natural winemakers of the country and produce wine using traditional Georgian methods. Both white and red wines are fermented and matured with the skins in large clay vessels buried in the ground called Qvrevi (pronounced "K-way-vree"). For white grapes, it gives birth to amber wines, also known as orange wines, but I'll probably do another post on it.

Artanuli Gvino is located in Artana village, in the Northen part of the Khaketi region. The region has a moderate continental climate, with short and dry summer but risks of thunderstorms, and cold winters. It's a mountainous region (Caucasus area) providing a variety of aspects and rather poor-nutrient soils to grow vines.

This wine is made out of the saperavi grape variety, native to Georgia. It's a teinturier variety (red skin and red pulp) leading to deeply coloured wine. It also has a high acidity. It can resist the harsh winters in Khaketi.

Tasting notes of Artanuli Gvino Saperavi 2019:

The wine has a deep purple colour. It has pronounced aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant, pepper, cooked plum and earth. It's dry with a high acidity, high alcohol, full body, high level of chalky tannins, pronounced flavours intensity (consistent with the nose) and a long finish.

The wine is well balanced (acidity-alcohol-tannins), has a long length, complex and intense aromas. This is an outstanding wine suitable for bottle ageing. I would drink it in 5 to 10 years, waiting for more integrated and softer tannins, and more developed tertiary aromas.

Have you tried Georgian saperavi?