• Lea Gatinois


It's a humble family owned winefarm in an idyllic setting. Nitida is located at the heart of the beautiful Durbanville ward, in Cape Town District, South Africa.

The region has a warm Mediterranean climate. Rain falls mainly in winter and levels are low (500mm per year) because Durbanville gets protection from Tygerberg hills. In the warm summer, there are cooling influences brought by the low altitudes of these hills and by False Bay breezes to the south. Soils in the region have good water-holding capacities and are rather rich in nutrients. It's therefore possible for wine estates to dry-farm (method of not using irrigation in a region where vines can suffer from water stress), to get more concentrated grapes and higher-quality wines. This is an advantage considering the increasing water shortage experienced in the region due to climate change.

Grape varieties planted in the region include sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, chenin blanc, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, pinotage, shiraz.

Nitida has a charming house, next to a small lake. It has multifarious trees and flowers, and of course, seemingly endless vines. I also loved their tasting area, with a cosy corner between the maturation barrels. It feels familial and authentic. So yes, they developed wine tourism and diversified activities (restaurants, events), but it still feels authentic and keeps its human dimension.

My favourite wines: I really enjoyed their riesling, their sémillon and their shiraz!