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Key facts about malbec in few lines:

Malbec is the emblematic grape variety of Cahors, South West France. This red grape variety is native to the region, and Cahors is the only French AOC based on malbec. It can also be found under the names of côt, pressac and auxerrois. It used to be widely planted in Bordeaux but was replaced by merlot after the phylloxera crisis (19th century), because merlot tolerated better grafting and gave better results in the area. A low proportion of malbec is also found in the Loire Valley. Outside France, it is the flagship grape variety of Argentina (and the most planted), but it is also planted in Chili, California and South Africa.

What's the profile of malbec?

  • deep ruby colour

  • high alcohol level

  • medium to high level of acidity

  • medium to high level of tannin

  • intense aromas of black plum, violet, pepper

  • the best examples are matured in oak, showing vanilla and cloves aromas


  • Domaine La Capitaine (Vaud, Switzerland)

  • Clos de la Molénie (Entre-deux-Mers, Bordeaux)

  • Mas del Périé (Cahors, South West France)