• Lea Gatinois


Currently studying the sparkling wine unit of the WSET Diploma, I 'm happy to share about a Champagne brand, Champagne Gatinois, which produces a Rosé Champagne I really enjoyed (we actually share the same family name, although there is no connection to it I assume)

What about the place?

In Champagne, the annual average temperature is cool (11°C), providing good conditions to grow grapes for sparkling wines. Two types of climate influence the region. It benefits from an oceanic influence, bringing water all year long, freshness in summer and mild conditions in winter. It also benefits from a continental influence: sunny summer, but risk of winter freezes and spring frosts.

Gatinois is located in Aÿ Grand Cru, in Vallée de la Marne region, at the foot of Montagne de Reims. The vineyards are located on hills and slopes, favorising water drainage and optimising sun exposure. The soils are mainly chalky, providing good water holding capacity and slowly releasing this water to the vines. It creates the optimal conditions for growing the delicate pinot noir (mainly) and chardonnay.

Champagne Gatinois Rosé NV

Champagne Gatinois Rosé is a Rosé d’Assemblage, non-vintage (NV), blending the white base wine of the house (mainly pinot noir) and a red wine “Coteaux Champenois” from pinot noir, only done in the sunniest years. So Gatinois Rosé is only released in the best vintages. It was aged 3 years on lees, adding complexity and texture. The dosage is Brut, 6g/l, bringing some balance to the high acidity. It is sold at about 35€, a premium price explained by a costly production and a luxury image.

Tasting notes

The wine is pink-orange in colour. It has aromas of grapefruit, redcurrant, strawberry, red cherry, biscuit, bread. It is dry. The high level of acidity, medium alcohol, low and soft tannins and flavours concentration make a well-balanced wine. It has high intensity of flavours and a long finish, shows complex primary aromas from different clusters, and secondary aromas from the autolysis. It is an outstanding wine, to enjoy now.

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