Located in northern Burgundy, Chablis is famous for its white wines of lively high acidity made from the chardonnay grape variety. There are however different quality levels within the region, from lighter and less concentrated wines to fuller body, concentrated and intense wines, with a long ageing capacity.

Here is a map summarising the classification in Chablis. The top level of the classification is Chablis Grand Cru AOP. Conditions are ideal for high-quality grape growing (south-west facing slopes, Kimmeridgian soils), and wines are usually of outstanding quality. They can reach premium to super-premium prices. The high acidity is balanced by medium body and pronounced aromas of citrus, white flowers, mineral notes, dried fruits and touch of honey.

chablis aop wine map classification amble wine

There are 7 different climats within the Chablis Grand Cru AOP. From west to east:

  • Bougros

  • Preuses

  • Vaudésir

  • Grenouilles

  • Valmur

  • Les Clos

  • Blanchot

A climat is defined as "a plot of vines that has been carefully marked out and named for centuries, and which has its own history and enjoys particular geological and weather conditions" (source: